CORE Organic Is All The Things

CORE Organic Is All The Things

It’s time to add some vibrant color into your hydration routine. Our CORE Organic line is just what you need to head into fall.

There are endless options of healthy drinks out there, and while most contain one or two benefits, being #perfectlybalanced requires far more support because at the end of the day, we’re not one or two things. One minute we’re hustling for that promotion, the next we’re pumping for gains. One day we’re all breath and mantras, the next we’re staying up late and leaving it all on the dance floor. The point is, our lives are all the things, so we need a go-to drink that’s all the things too.

We’ve partnered with registered dietician, Leah Silberman of @tovitanutrition – a virtual nutrition counseling & concierge service – to give you 5 reasons why CORE Organic is going to be your NEW go-to thirst quencher this summer (and beyond)!


1) Immunity Support

CORE Organic is the first beverage to have the added immunity support benefit like a probiotic that doesn’t need to be refrigerated! Probiotics help to support the production of healthy gut flora, according to Leah, “our gut microbiome impacts a wide range of systemic functions, [including] our immune system. Therefore it’s important to maintain a healthy flora of gastrointestinal bacteria.” So choosing CORE Organic is kind of a no-brainer on that one. Our Organic line has 50mg of inactive cultures that are derived from cells of probiotics and clinically proven to support immune function.


2) Antioxidants

So, you know what free radicals are, right? No, they’re not the people who go to Burning Man, they’re unstable atoms that can damage cells and cause illness and aging. Literally, the worst. Antioxidants are needed to help rid your body of free radicals, and CORE Organic has the same amount of antioxidants as a cup of blueberries.


3) <1g Sugar

If you read ingredients labels, then you know that sugar is in pretty much everything. It’s kind of crazy. “A high sugar diet (especially high in added sugars) is dangerous because excess sugar consumption is linked to tons of health issues ranging from obesity to diabetes to kidney dysfunction, and even to cavities. It’s important to opt for low sugar foods and beverages,” says Leah. With a unique blend of organic sweeteners, the CORE Organic flavors have less than 1 gram of sugar and only 5 calories per serving so they’re a perfect alternative to sugary options. (pssst, get a popsicle maker tray and never miss dessert this summer!)


4) Organic

Need we say more? USDA Certified organic means that CORE Organic never contains artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides and has no genetically modified organisms (AKA GMOs). Plus CORE Organic is vegan, soy and gluten free. After all the work you put into meeting your physical goals, why would you want to put anything less than the bomb dot com into your body?!


5) Great Flavors

OMG! Checkout the all NEW Orange Mango and Cherry Berry Lime who just joined the family of flavors in the CORE Organic line. From Watermelon Lemonade to Tropical Coconut, there’s a flavor just right for everyone. Take it from Leah, “it’s always easier to make healthy choices when something tastes good! After all, food is meant to be enjoyed.”

Having to chain yourself to the fridge to get benefits like probiotics? Pass. Drinking artificial chemicals to feel healthy? Yeah, that’s not even close to a thing. So when it comes to all the running, asana-ing, dancing, playing, beaching, lifting, hiking, Instagramming and all around hustling CORE Organic is a drink that gives us ALL THE THINGS.


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