Redefining Style And Function With ADAY

by Core Hydration (@thisisaday)

Meet NYC’s latest high performance line, with roots straight out of London – this is ADAY.

Meant to be stylized and personalized, the ADAY philosophy is centered around striking balance between function, aesthetics and comfort. With product names like the Like A Boss sweatshirt and the Over Take Leggings, This is clothing designed for active lifestyles and women who are constantly on the go.

We spent some time partaking in Manhattan’s touristy activities with NYC’s London transplants from ADAY HQ: Millie, Product Designer and Alexis, Brand Manager to hear about what it’s like to work at one of the most cutting edge brands in the game, and why we need some ADAY, ASAP – like now.

Redefining Style And Function With ADAY

Work “titles” at a modern day start up….

“Our titles aren’t exactly what we do everyday as we each wear so many hats and we encourage every new team member to do the same. Our team is small, so everyone gets involved in brainstorms for new product launches, campaigns, social media concepts.  We all love switching between jobs: in the long term we are really able to create and grow our own roles.”

Keeping company culture as fresh as the ideas…

“Our brand aesthetic is quiet minimal and stripped back which often gives people the impression that our team personality is similar, however when people come to our studio for an event or 1-1 appointment, they always remark on how much more lively and [beautifully] chaotic our office vibe is. It’s rare a day goes by that we don’t have a handstand competition, puppy play date or bake off in the office! We encourage remote working and some of our team goes back to London regularly so we usually have someone on Skype. Samples come in and out from our factories or to press, so the DHL courier is a frequent visitor. We cook team lunch on Friday, and in general we cook to accommodate all of our snacking habits!” 

Work Life #perfectlyBalanced

Work Life #perfectlyBalanced, indeed….

“We firmly believe in living a life and working a job that you don’t need a vacation from. This has been one of the core beliefs our two founders have built the company from and the whole team really strives for this. This means we’re super flexible when it comes to the ways in which we work – our team is never all in the same city but it doesn’t really matter since we’re always connected through Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype and old school phone calls. It also means that everyone on the team owns their time and makes their own schedule which is important to all of us.”

Advanced fabrics and construction

Now onto the clothing….

The most technology advanced fabrics and construction in the game….

“Using smart technical fabrics is at the core of our ethos. We pride ourselves on using responsive fabrics, such as our signature compression fabric which is sculpting, sweat-wicking, quick-drying and UV-resistant. We also love to play with bonded seams, a technique of finishing seams which makes them more than three times stronger than traditional sewn seams. We searched for the best fabrics and the best factories and chose not to compromise. No matter the location or price we wanted to give our customers the very best and most innovative fabrics and constructions.”

Throw & Roll Leggings


How to choose the best ADAY item for you….

Millie: “It’s so hard to pick! Our Throw & Roll Leggings were the first item we designed and have sold out overnight three times. The Like A Boss sweatshirt is also a favorite, it is just so comfortable, looks great on everyone and is super easy to style up and down. The Don’t Stop top is perfect for a base layer, sports bra, swimming, and styled with high waisted trousers.”

Alexis: “Out of the whole team, I think my personal style is a little more on the maximalist side so I’m a huge fan of the Hail Yes Trackpants in wetlook – anything shiny makes me happy! I also wore our Up in the Air Jacketunderneath my winter coat every day last year. It saved me from my first New York winter and I’m counting on it for this next one too.”

Up in the Air Jacket

CORE Hydration and ADAY

New York Based? You can schedule a 1-1 fitting at the ADAY SoHo studio.

Not in NYC? No sweat. ADAY is available for purchase on their  website.

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