The Art Of Floatation Therapy At Pause Float Studio

by Core Hydration (@pausefloatstudio)

The art of floatation therapy. Creative release, relaxation, athletic recovery, and detoxification; try floating in 1,100 lbs of epsom salt to achieve all of this at once at Pause float studio in Los Angeles.

Greeted in a blissful studio, clients are directed to a floatation room where they will first shower, get into an epsom salt pod, and relax for 60 minutes in warm salt water. Choose to relax to a guided meditation, music, or nothing at all. It’s all up to you. Finish with a fresh brewed tea to reflect on the experience and bring the mind back to present day.

Intrigued by the Pause experience, we took some time to chat with founder and owner, Jeff Ono, for the 411 on floating and why we should consider adding this practice into our routines.

The Art Of Floatation Therapy At Pause Float Studio

Giving the people what they want…

“In general, our clients all want to come in and take a pause from their demanding, over stimulated lives. They come to get an hour of time to themselves to reconnect and turn back in, to rejuvenate. People of all ages and walks of life seem to enjoy the experience equally. What seems typical is how glowing and peaceful everyone looks when they come out of the tank.”

Giving the people what they want…

Floating’s impact on athletic performance and recovery…

“Athletes have found that using float-therapy in conjunction with their training program can improve performance, aid in preventing sports injuries, and shorten recovery time. Additionally, athletes can use floating for visualization and game preparation.

When you enter the float environment, the salts are very beneficial for the physical body and it’s recovery process. The 1,100 lbs of Epsom Salts detox the body and reduce inflammation around joints. They aid to increase blood circulation and decrease blood pressure. The heavy salt suspends the body in an anti-gravity like environment, adding pain relief by relaxing all the muscles. “

Floating’s impact on athletic performance

It’s not just for training. Floating has serious creative benefits! Hello, right brain….

“During the day we primarily use our left brain, which is dominant in language: processing what you hear and handling most of the duties of speaking. It’s also in charge of carrying out logic and exact mathematical computations .  The right brain is mainly in charge of spatial abilities, face recognition and processing music. It is known to help us to comprehend visual imagery and make sense of what we see, as well as being our creative and intuitive side with lapse of time and visualizations.

During a float, you produce slower brain-wave patterns, known as theta waves, which are normally only experienced during a deep meditation or just before falling asleep. While you are floating your brain sinks into the theta wave stage and is able to maintain this stage for much longer than you have ever experienced before. This is the feeling of ultimate relaxation that can be found during your float. “

 *CORE note: the creativity boost was realized almost immediately! 

It’s not just for training

Feeling the effects of detoxification …

“The salts are nourishing for the body, as you get some magnesium uptake during a float and as you exit. Magnesium helps regulate the activity of over 300 enzymes in the body, and every cell in the human body requires magnesium to function. Sulfate helps to flush toxins, and aids in forming proteins in joints, brain tissue, and mucin. The salts exfoliate the skin, leaving it softer, and with the increase of blood circulation it adds life and glow back to the skin and body. Hydration here is key; due to the detoxing nature of the float, we recommend adequate hydration before and after floatation.”

Feeling the effects of detoxification

But what if you have a hard time meditating?

“I tell first time floaters all the time to go in expecting nothing. That is a great tip for floating and for life. When you put expectations on things and yourself, most often you get disappointed. Take each float session as it’s own. Notice the thoughts that are entering your mind but don’t draw attachment. Meditating is about controlling or clearing your mind and the thoughts. Counting breaths or heartbeats is a good tip for first time meditation as well.”

CORE approved

It is recommended for clients to come in every week to every other week to see the most continuous results in their day to day life, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can indulge in a float session for specific occasions and still see the benefits; try it after traveling (hi jet lag), training for a marathon, or a busy work week.

For super smooth skin, a creative reboot, and relaxed muscles after too many HIIT classes, floatation therapy is a five star solution. CORE approved. 

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