3 Booty Building Moves From Dogpound Gym

by Core Hydration (@dogpound)

Sure, we know that squats are a must, but what else do the models do to get their bums toned for the warmer months ahead? We hit up the crew at Dogpound Gym – the professionals known for training some of the world’s top models everyday – to find the answers.

We had Wilhelmina fitness model and independent trainerBianca Vesco, on site to teach us her 3 favorite movesto get booties runway (or everyday) ready.


1.Bosu Sumo Squat

Bosu Sumo Squat

Stand with feet wider than your hips and toes turned out with each foot on a bosu ball. (The bosu adds advancement!) Tuck your tailbone and keep your core braced. Recommended for 3 sets of 20 reps, with a kettle-bell weight that challenges you, without sacrificing squat form.

Pro Tip: Think about sliding straight up and down a wall. You should feel a little stretch through your inner thighs on the way down and a tight squeeze on the way up.


2.Single Leg Bosu Deadlift 

Place one foot at the center of the bosu, weight in opposite hand. Take a hinge at your hips and imagine your chest and your back leg are moving together as a see-saw. (Chest comes forward, leg comes up!) Drive your back heel toward the ceiling as you slightly tuck your chin to your chest, keeping your back flat and long.

Add extra weight for the advancement, either in your hand or throw on some ankle weights. Recommended for 3 sets of 15 on each leg.

Single Leg Bosu Deadlift


3. Weighted Booty Kicks

Weighted Booty Kicks

Start on all fours in a table top position, weights around your ankles, knees directly under hips and wrists directly under shoulders. Working leg will drive out away from your body with a flexed foot, then you will bring your knee into your chest. Maintain a neutral spine throughout entire movement as to not take away the concentrated movement in the glutes. Recommended for 3 sets of 25 on each side.

Pro Tip: This one can be done without the leg weights for beginners. Can be done on a mat or a bench.

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Big up to Bianca Vesco for giving us the rundown of each work out, and to Dogpound for letting us in on a model-worthy moves. Want to train wit Bianca? Keep in touch and on schedule through Instagram.

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