5 #FITSPO Apps To Use With Your BFF

by Cameron Cash (@thecameroncash)

At the start of 2017 my best friend and I learned about a study that proved working out with a partner can improve your fitness level. We decided to start working out together twice a week. Not only have we seen noticeable differences in our fitness level and physique, we get to bond on everything from relationships to our insecurities. We also trade days making up the workout, so we’re always doing something fresh, but it can be a challenge to come up with a new workout each week. Luckily, we’ve got apps to prep the workouts for us.


Here’s a list of 5 of our favorite apps to help you stay on fleek with your BFFs.

Nike has 3 apps that can help you and your workout buddy get in shape.

  1. +Run Club App comes with coaching and a bunch of ways to help you track and improve your running time.
  2. +Training Club App has hundreds of workouts with detailed instructions giving you a personal trainer in your back pocket.
  3. +Fuel App is a meat and potatoes app for people who want to simply track and share their movement.

*Fit date idea: Use the +Fuel App together for a whole day. When you hang out later and workout, whoever has worst numbers buys the other one a protein shake.

This incredible all-in-one app has 4 components: fitness assessment, workouts, nutritional success, and motivation & accountability. And the best part is, it’s totally free – unless you want coaching, which starts at a $1 a day.

*Fit date idea: The app caters toward individuals, so challenge each other by rotating the workouts. One day you both do yours, one day you both do the other’s.

This one’s for fitness dorks for sure. Teemo provides short easy to understand workouts that require no equipment and can be done on your own or with your team (hence the name), AND they’re themed around adventures like climbing Mt Everest or running through the desert. You and your team can also track and compare (aka compete) results with other teams.

*Fit date idea: Start your fitness adventure together, then go off on your own with a set time and place to end your adventure together once again. Then share what you saw along the way.

You can track any endurance based movement (running, cycling etc) with the free version, get interval training and coaching with the paid version. It allows you to set goals for your workout and then gives you messages along the way to let you know if you are lagging, on target or about to set a new best. Friends can also leave you messages during your workout to cheer you on, which will be read out loud to you by the app.

*Fit date idea: Get your workout going and then send each other cute and silly massages along the way. I love making AI talk dirty. LOL!

Let’s be real, bffs like to shop together too. If you and your workout buddy want to earn rewards (like 15% off at New Balance) for working out, then you should def give this free app a try. Their slogan says it all, “you’re already working out, you might as well get paid for it.” Am I right?

*Fit date idea: Once you’ve racked up some rewards and worn out your running shoes, map a run to one of Vea’s 25 partners and get some new kicks to run home in.

Ok, so this isn’t an app, but I’m obsessed with it. Forte Fit lets you take class from some of the most sought after instructors at the hottest boutique studios around the country, and the best part is, you can take these classes anywhere you can find wifi. Talk about #blessed! A bonus, Forte fit is offering a special offer of $50 dollars for the year to all of CORE’s fans. Sign up using the promo code: CORE for $50 dollars for your first year at www.forte.fit

*Fit date idea: There are so many incredible classes like Core Fusion Yoga Blast and Beyoncé Dance Class, just pick one roulette-style and go for it! Even if you don’t have a bff to workout with, many of these tools give you the chance to compete and share your results with a community of people with similar fitness goals. Who knows, maybe your fitness bff is out there waiting for you to come along and motivate them to the next level.