4 Mobile Apps We’re Loving This Summer

by Abby Crowley (@core)

Let’s face it, it’s summer, of course you’ll treat yourself to an extra glass of rosé, or that Van Leeuwen Ice Cream every once in awhile- it’s what we call living a #perfectlybalanced lifestyle.

Balancing can be tough; we’ve rounded up some of our go-to apps that we’re relying on this summer to keep us healthy, active, and hydrated all summer long.

4 Mobile Apps We're Loving This Summer

1. Fooducate

The app helps you track your food intake and exercise. We love how the app lets you track the quality of your calorie intake instead of the quantity. Fooducate has a feature where you can scan over 250,000 product barcodes to see a nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D). The app will also give you more healthy suggestions based on foods you scan.  Not only can you keep up with eating healthy, the app will also keep track of your activity, mood, and sleep.

2. Forte Fit

Forte Fit lets you take classes from some of the most sought after instructors at the hottest boutique studios, you can take these classes anywhere with wifi. Talk about #blessed! A bonus, Forte fit is offering a special offer of $50 dollars for the year to all of CORE’s fans. Sign up using the promo code: CORE for $50 dollars for your first year at www.forte.fit

3. Yonder

Forget the maps, this app is easy to use and perfect for summer adventures. Yonder connects you to people and places nearby. Whether it’s hiking, rock climbing or kayaking, you can launch Yonder anywhere, and Yonder will use your location to find a variety of adventures at your fingertips. Get outside, and don’t forget to pack your Core!

4. Waterlogged

Summer means amping up hydration, more heat waves equals more hydration. Waterlogged allows you to easily keep track of your water intake. You can use photos of your water bottle and set favorites with default water bottle sizes to quickly record after you finish. You can set reminders, and integrate with other apps like FitBit. This app is easy to use especially when combining it with #perfectlybalanced, Core Hydration.


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