The Summer Music You Haven’t Heard Yet

The only difference between summer in Los Angeles and the rest of the year is about 20 degrees. But now that it’s summer for real for real, that means pool parties and NEW music! With a ton of artists putting out singles vying for that ultimate song-of-summer, it’s easy to flip on the radio and hear the latest hit, but we like to keep it #perfectlybalanced and thought we’d share some songs we’re bobbing our heads to that you won’t hear on the radio this summer (yet). Checkout these jams and keep it cool for the summer!

Artist: Postiljonen Song: Crazy From: Stockholm, Sweden Good for: laying in the sun daydreaming


Artist: Arizona Song: Electric Touch From: Nijmegen, Netherlands Good for: getting over your summer crush


Artist: The Real Swizz Song: Sweet F’in Love From: Bronx, NY Good for: …I mean


Artist: Reid Lee Song: Arrowheads From: Corpus Christi, TX Good for: swinging in a hammock


Artist: R.Lum.R Song: Frustrated (Russ Macklin Remix) From: Orlando, FL Good for: getting your beach pump on


Artist: Ella Mai Song: Boo’d Up From: London, UK Good for: laying on a floatie with your boo…duh!