5 Jump Rope Moves For A Full Body Workout

by Abby Crowley (@theropenyc)

From Radio City Rockette, to head trainer at Body by Simone, to jump rope master, Amanda Kloots of The Rope andThe Dance knows a thing or two about making fitness fun, while getting the right results.  With these 3 moves and 2 jump rope sequences, Amanda shows us a new way to get in shape in time for summer.

Jumping rope is one of the best ways to  effectively whip your body into shape, so count us in. Who knew our childhood pastime could get us abs?! 


Knee Drops:

Knee Drops

First, lay your rope down on the floor lengthwise, folded in half. Next, separate your arms and feet over the rope and extend your body into a full plank.  Keeping your left hip lifted, drop your right knee down in toward the center so that it touches the rope and return to starting position.  Perform 16 on the right and then 16 on the left, and repeat!


Arm Reach:

Arm Reach

Start by folding your jump rope in half and hold tight across your chest keeping your elbows lifted.  Slowly reach your right arm to the left lengthening through to a nice diagonal line and return to start.  Perform 16 on the right, and 16 on the left, repeat!


Booty Lift:

Booty Lift

Start off by looping your rope around your right ankle and hold both rope handles in your left hand.  The rope will rest over your opposite shoulder.  Next, pull your knee and elbow in tightening your core and then lift your right leg up keeping a bent knee position. The rope will guide your leg and help you stay in perfect form.  Do 16 on the right and then 16 on the left, and repeat!

Arms and Abs Cardio Sequence

Combining each move with traditional jump rope techniques will give your body cardio and tone work for a full body workout. explains Amanda. When jumping, keep your elbows right at your waist to engage your biceps.  Slightly tuck your hips and squeeze your glutes and inner thighs together.  Keep your abs pulled in and tight. Adding on reps each time helps to build your stamina, working on not missing a jump builds endurance.

Arms and Abs Cardio Sequence:

  • Basic Jump for 1 min
  • Perform Move 2 with reps and repeat
  • Basic Jump for 2 min
  • Perform Move 1 with reps and repeat
  • Basic Jump for 3 min
  • Perform Move 1 and 2 and focus on toning your arms and abs

Legs and Abs Ladder Sequence:

  • Basic jump for 40 jumps in a row (Do all jumps in sequence, if you miss start from the top!)
  • Perform move 3 with reps and repeat
  • Perform move 1 with reps and repeat
  • Basic Jump for 80 jumps in a row
  • Perform move 3 with reps and repeat
  • Perform move 1 with reps and repeat
  • Basic jump for 120 jumps in a row

Legs and Abs Ladder Sequence

Amanda with CORE Hydration

You can jump and tone with Amanda at Studio B above Bandier at the Flatiron location in Manhattan. Check out class schedules for Amanda’s signature classes, ‘The Rope’ and ‘The Dance’.


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