Train Like An Athlete At Tone House

by Core Hydration (@tonehouse)

One google search on Tone House, and you’ll come across multiple press outlets crowning this method, “The Toughest Workout in NYC”. Sure, it’s tough AF – but there’s more to what makes this studio stand out amongst the hundreds of others in the city.

After a challenging (okay, insanely intense) workout in the fiery red room with Head Coaches, Shaun Jenkins and Adrian Williams, we hydrated on the sidelines with Shaun and took part in the recovery sessions that Tone House offers in addition to classes.

Train Like An Athlete At Tone House

The first thing you’ll notice at Tone House is the team spirit.

Workouts at The House are designed to be broken out into groups and to work with partners. “Everything we do is always corralled around the team aspect.” explains Shaun; “As New Yorkers, people realize that if you’re committed to doing this intense workout then we likely share a lot of common interests; the conversation moves to – let’s get brunch, we should hang out sometime, let’s train together again.” Most city dwellers know that this is not the case in most studios – classes usually feel quite competitive and it’s rare people are talking to one another. When you are doing partner work outs or group based exercises like the ones in Tone House, the feeling of teamwork and communication are natural. Tone House was designed for fitness enthusiasts to ‘tap into that inner athlete’. “Our founder, Alonzo Wilson, comes from a strong sports background as a collegiate athlete and a brief stint in the pros.” The Tone House style is true athletic training.

CORE at Tone House

If training like an athlete sounds intimidating to you, you can still train at Tone House and reap the benefits of an incredible workout.

“TH 101 is a new addition to our offerings. Depending on the personality type, the Tone House workout can be extremely intimidating.” explains Shaun. “TH 101 is still a tough workout, it just moves at a pace where the moves are broken down, especially in the warm-up. It’s growing tremendously which makes me very happy because it allows us to emphasize our sports training and bring a new community to the supportive environment where the athletes trust us.” As head coach, Shaun teaches the majority of the TH 101 classes to prep clients for the next level in training.

Train at Tone House

The recovery methods at Tonehouse are unlike any other studio we’ve ever seen, period.

To continue the community aspect, Tone House encourages athletes to foam roll and stretch in the shared space of the studio. There are also cold baths available in the locker rooms to bring inflammation down, and NormaTec bootsto normalize circulation and blood flow. Also offered are 30 minute recovery classes, teaching the basic foam rolling techniques and static stretches. With Core sold at Tone House, clients are instructed to hydrate before and after work-outs for optimal performance and recovery. “Hydration is so vital in terms of clearing out toxins from the liver that may produce some level of inflammation. We try not to hydrate during the workout due to the high intensity which may cause cramping; sipping on Core Water before and after classes has been making life a lot easier at our studio.” explains Shaun.

Rope Workouts @ Tone House

Keeping the athletic energy both on and off the turf is an important aspect of the House community. 

Once per month, Tone House invites a new athlete (psssst, usually a professional) to come in for a new event series – Bleacher Features. Each athlete will come in to talk to clients on recovery, wellness, and lifestyle; the event is paired with a work-out. “The Bleacher Features are our version of Ted Talks.”  says Shaun. It’s also a time for clients to catch up with one another in addition to the workout.

Working out at Tone House

Working out at Tone House provides an experience that you won’t find at other studios in the city. You”ll find community, full body athletic training, and lessons on fitness recovery. We love the way Tone House is innovating the group fitness space. You’re bound to see a whole lot of Core Hydration in the place!


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