5 Moves You’ll Learn At Bari Studio

by Abby Crowley (@core)

After just one session at Bari Studio in Tribeca, we found ourselves hooked on the method that’s been coined “NYC’s Best Hybrid Workout.” There are three main components that make up the Bari method: bouncing, dancing, and toning. It’s a full-body, music driven class that challenges the mind and body; the equipment variation keeps things fresh – you’ll get to work with light weights, resistance bands, and trampolines! Count-us-in.

We caught up with Tiffani, head trainer at Bari Studio, to get the step by step on her favorite Bari moves for those long, lean, sculpted muscles.

1. Tricep Reach Around

Tricep Reach Around

Begin with both elbows bent at 90 degree angles and pulled into the sides of your body with palms facing up and arms open to your sides. Lift one elbow to the side rotating your arm in and straighten the elbow, pressing weight out to the side turning the palm to face the back of the room. Return to starting position with the elbow at a 90 degree angle, to the side, and palm facing up. Keeping your palm up, straighten the arm out to the side at shoulder height and swing forward to bring the arm directly in front of your body. Repeat on the other side!

2. Plank With A Twist:

Plank With A Twist

Start off by coming into an elbow plank with shoulders directly over the elbows, and hips in line with shoulders (make sure you are engaging your core, pulling the abdominal wall flat against your body, and lengthening through your spine!) Holding the plank, bend one knee and twist hips slightly, while dipping the corresponding hip. Repeat on the other side, and continue alternating.

3. Scorpion Leg Lift:

Scorpion Leg Lift

This one’s more challenging on the trampoline! Start by coming down to hands and knees with hips stacked over knees and shoulders over hands – keep your core engaged and your back long and flat. Next, straighten your right leg directly behind you and turn your leg out with knee and toe facing sideways, flex the foot, and reach the left arm in front of you. Lift and lower the opposing leg and arm simultaneously- while keeping your balance. Repeat on the left side!

4. Bounce Down To Run:

Bounce Down To Run

Start by coming into a demo-squat position, hingeing forward at the hips with the butt sitting back behind you, and knees bent. Dig your heels down into the trampoline and rebound up slightly allowing your feet to leave the ground and your knees to bend up in front of you – keep your energy going down into the trampoline, and continue bouncing in this position. Run while stacking your shoulders over the hips and perform high knees with swinging arms, keeping your chest up.

5. Flamingo Kick:

Flamingo Kick

Start off by holding the suspended resistance bands, the move also may be performed without the bands. Next, stand on one leg (keeping the standing leg slightly bent) with arms reaching out to side staying parallel to the ground and kick your leg in front of you while keeping the foot flexed. Bring the leg underneath you, while bending at the knee. Reach your leg behind you to kick straight back while arms reach forward and the upper body leans forward to come into a “tabletop” position, parallel to the ground. Reverse and repeat!

Tiffani at The Bari Studio

CORE at The Bari Studio

You can bounce and tone with Tiffani at The Bari Studio in Tribeca. Visit the schedule for class options and time.

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