Speedplay: LA’s Best HIIT Workout

by Allen Yee (@speedplayla)

Speedplay: LA’s Best HIIT Workout

While there’s no shortage of HIIT and Bootcamp classes in Los Angeles, Speedplay is the method that keeps us coming back. Created by chiropractor Dr. Ryan Pendon and expert trainer Xavier Quimbo, Speedplay has refined high intensity training through a multifaceted approach.

We got a healthy sweat session in and took the day with Shannon Decker and Blake Raymond at Speedplay’s Beverley Hills location, to learn more about the method and the results it yields.

Shannon and Blake

Both lifelong athletes, Shannon and Blake are two of the instructors you’ll meet at Speedplay. Blake has been a member of the Speedplay family since day 1 as the very first instructor. Neither of them seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Blake at Speedplay

Speedplay stands out among the rest…

Speedplay stands out among the rest…

“It’s revolutionary high intensity training” explains Blake, “because we come from that therapeutic background of rehab therapy, we don’t overload our exercises with too much weight like some CrossFit classes. When we came up with the concept on how to approach, we all had a style and nuance. As a chiropractor, Ryan wanted to implement low impact into the performance space. Xavier is a believer in movement and different planes in movement – his strength was bringing good structure to strength exercises on the floor; and myself, I’m a big believer in HIIT training and a huge aerobic fan with a rowing background. My nuance was to bring the programming and the formatting to the runs, classes, and rows. That’s how we came up with the three stations: row, running, and strength.”

Shannon and Blake Fitness

Speedplay Workout

The best equipment in the business and why it matters… 

Blake: “The fact that we work high intensity interval training on the Woodway curve treadmills and the Concept 2 rowing machines – it’s a formula to get the best burn. On the Woodway, there is no top speed and on the rowing machines there is no best stroke or fastest row. You can come in every day and run faster, or better your 100-meter rowing time, there is no ceiling on your potential with the equipment we use. With traditional treadmills or rowers there is a maximum number, but not here”

Shannon: “After not only teaching but attending the Speedplay classes, I fell back in love with running. The Woodway treadmills really help with form, I was able to run my best half marathon time ever last fall after attending the classes regularly. It’s quite amazing.”

Shannon and Blake Speedplay Workout

Never the same Speedplay class, never the same equipment mix….

At Speedplay, bosus, stability balls, step-up boxes, dumbbells and barbells will all get some work in. Dumbbells typically don’t go over 25 lbs, but the team has them on hand for anyone who would like them. You won’t find the same Speedplay class twice; there’s always a mix and a strong rotation.

Shannon with CORE Hydration

Blake with CORE Hydration

It’s a vibe…

You’ll find a thorough explanation pre-class with high energy EDM music in Blake’s class. For a fitness dance party, Shannon’s your girl. Both instructor’s pushed us to our maximum potential during the class, while keeping a close eye on form making any critiques necessary. If you’re taking a class at the Beverly Hills location (pictured) you may be lucky enough to score a view of Los Angeles while running warm up or cool down laps outside on the turf.

Shannon with CORE Hydration

Speedplay is for everyone…

Shannon explains it. “I’m around the LA fitness community a lot and I hear so many people say they’ve heard that SpeedPlay is really hard and that they’re intimidated by it. I invite these same people to be my guest into one of my classes and 99% of the time, they end up becoming members and as addicted as I am! Since we have such experienced trainers, anyone can modify an exercise that someone might not be able to do because of ability or injury. We also have smaller classes so that everyone gets the attention they need.

Speedplay is for everyone…

Words to live by…

Blake sounds off with the words every overachiever needs to hear. “The one thing I’ve noticed most is that you can’t dominate on a daily basis. It’s good to tell yourself, ‘I’m going to take class at 80 percent’, but be consistent at 80 percent, and know what your ceiling is. You’re setting yourself up for disaster if you think you’re going to come in and crush it at 100 percent every day; it’s okay to tell yourself to take it back a notch, it’s smart.”

CORE Hydration — Speedplay

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