5 Podcasts For A Fresh Start to Fall

Welp, according to Instagram summer ended on Labor Day (it actually ends on September 22), so what do we do now that we can’t work on our tan? Turns out there’s more to being #perfectlybalanced than staying fit, hydrated and ahead of the latest trends – you gotta feed your mind too, and the fall is the perfect time to set some fresh mental goals. To help you nurture that mind-body connection, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 podcasts. These nuggets of information and enlightenment will feed your mind as you watch the leaves turn, plus they pair nicely with pumpkin spice anything.

Perfectly Balanced Podcast


Balanced Bites

This one is a fave at the CORE office. Diane Fillipo is a certified nutrition consultant, a New York Times best selling author, and co-host with Liz Wolf of the award winning Balanced Bites podcast. This weekly podcast is packed with empowering information for anyone interested in healthier eating habits and the paleo lifestyle. Plus, the hosts love quoting Mean Girls, so it’s totally fetch.

Recommended Episode

#309 Keto & Carbs, Fasting, Autoimmunity & Chinese Medicine with Amanda Torres


The Art Of Manliness

Ok, we get that maybe not all of you are interested in being more artful men, but surely you want more in life than gains and snapbacks. The Art of Manliness, hosted by Brett McKay, attempts to address a cultural “malaise” that is preventing the modern man from being more honorable and well-rounded with show topics like how to replace a light fixture or how to ace your next phone interview. It’s geared for guys, but a lot of the info is pretty universal.

Recommended Episode

#332 What Does it Mean to Be Authentic


How I Built This

These are the stories that remind us that even the most successful people have felt like utter failures at one point or another. Each episode of How I Built This with Guy Raz, is a narrative journey of triumph, heartbreak and insight told by the founders of the world’s biggest companies and brands. If you’re an entrepreneur, or even just want to sharpen up your leadership tool box, this podcast is a must.

Recommended Episode

Airbnb: Joe Gebbia


Becoming Wise

This limited series by author Krista Tippit (based on her book of the same name), is a podcast you’ll want to visit again and again. Only twenty 7-10 minute episodes, Tippit speaks with some of the biggest names in spirituality, mindfulness and academia to help listeners better understand the “mystery and art of living.” I mean, with guests like Brene Brown and Frances Kissling offering nuggets of wisdom, this is an all access pass to being that “better self” you keep Instagramming about.

Recommended Episode

#13 We Choose Our Own Tribes | Seth Godin


The Art of Charm

After listening to a few episodes of this podcast, you’ll realize there’s a still a ton of learning to do when it comes to your career, confidence, lifestyle and love life. These guys tap some of the most effective human beings on earth to gain insight into their strategies for basic epicness. The best part is, they’ve already curated their top 50 episodes featuring guests like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Laila Ali.

Recommended Episode

#646: Mark Divine | Unbeatable Mind