Recover To Perform, With Bespoke Treatments

In today’s go-go-go, always on society, it can often feel like a hassle to take time to recover and regenerate. What most people fail to realize, is that recovering the right way can effectively boost your performance in all areas. If anyone knows about the significance of recovery to enhance fitness progress, it’s Dan Giordano of Bespoke Treatments.

Dan Giordano of Bespoke Treatments

After reflecting on physical therapy programs and how rarely they are tailored to individuals specific needs, Dan and his business partner knew there was a demand for Bespoke Treatments. “Medicals fields basically sign you in and out you don’t get the highest quality treatment – we wanted to create something that was a full hour of one on one time tailored to each patient’s needs. It’s basically one on one individual care. Everything from working with patient’s trainers to finding them a trainer, to going to classes. “ explains Dan.

Here Dan shares a few tips as the Co-Founder and Director of Physical Therapy at Bespoke Treatments.

Be proactive, not reactive

A strong CORE is essential

“We find that when people get hurt, they usually stop what they are doing but that actually doesn’t help. We work a lot with pre-habilitation clients, people come in on a weekly basis to keep their body mobile and work on any failures they have been experiencing in order to allow them to compete and do their exercise at a high level. When clients are proactive about health, they are actually saving health care costs. People get injured by increasing their volume of exercise too fast without keeping their body mobile so its finding the balance between mobility and stability. “

A strong CORE is essential

“When people think of core work they think of abs, but that’s only aesthetic. It’s not just your abs. Your hips, pelvis and back also make up your core; it’s more of a pillar. If your core is stronger, that’s where your power comes from. You can adapt and get stronger with a healthy core. “

Ditch the “no days off” NYC mentality

Grab a 30oz bottles of CORE Hydration

Ditch the “no days off” NYC mentality. 

“You do need some rest, rest is good and nutrition is huge, what you’re putting your body will affect your workouts. Mobility will increase blood flow to a certain area and keep muscles and fibers aligned and improves circulation so that you will be able to perform better, workout harder, and your muscles will get stronger. You’ll also be less prone to injury.”

Grab a foam roller and 30oz bottles of CORE Hydration.

“Water is so important for recovery. Our body and brain is made up of water and we need it to function.  A lot of people don’t understand that sometimes when think they’re hungry but they’re actualy just dehydrated, so people over eat. In addition to lots of hydrating, I travel with a foam roller and a stick to aid in mobility when I’m traveling and I also have them at home to use daily.”

Water is important for recovery