LA’s 5 End Of Summer Fundamentals

You guys. It’s gonna be September in minute. It’s time to grab summer by the horns and ride that bad boy straight into autumn. By now hopefully we’ve all had our pool party moments, our BBQ moments and our summer-bod-gym-selfie moments, so what’s left? Try one of these 5 Socal mini-adventures to keep you #truetothecore before summer ends. You want to have a dope August, right?


Ocean dip in Malibu

Ocean Dip In Malibu

We know, you already had your beach moment, but the beaches in Malibu aren’t like the others in LA. If you’ve ever been to Point Dume or El Matador than you know what we’re talking about. The terrain in Malibu will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to another country, not just 30 minutes north of Santa Monica; El Matador in particular has giant cliffs and ocean caves. It can be a long drive to the ‘bu depending on where in LA you’re coming from, so bring everything you need for a full day (especially CORE and sunscreen). There’s parking along the highway as well as in the beach parking lots for a small fee. Get there early for a good spot – these beaches are popular on the weekends, no doubt.


Sunset picnic at Barnsdall Art Park

Sunset Picnic at Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall is a hidden gem of Hollywood. Located right off of Hollywood Blvd, you have to drive up and around a hill to get to the park itself which has a grassy lawn, an arboretum of ever greens, a small museum and the historical Hollyhock house – a masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. The views of western Los Angeles from the lawn are spectacular and there is ample parking. Bring a blanket, bring some snacks, and CTFO.


Outdoor movies at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Outdoor Movies At Hollywood Forever Cemetery

If you’ve never experienced an outdoor movie in LA then get ready for one of the coolest cultural experiences the city has to offer. What better way to enjoy Tinseltown’s biggest export than chillaxing on a blanket with a glass of rosé. Outdoor movies abound all over the city, but Cinespia offers screenings inside the Hollywood Forever Cemetery – final resting place of silver screen legends like Rudolph Valentino and Judy Garland. Get there early as the line starts forming around 5pm for the best spots in front of the screen – the line itself is a social gathering as people pop a squat and start snacking. Upcoming screenings include Some Like It Hot and Ghost World.


Star shows at the Griffith Observatory

Star Shows at the Griffith Observatory

Called Southern California’s gateway to the cosmos, Griffith Observatory is another cool spot to have a picnic, watch a spectacular sunset, or observe a distant planet through one of the telescopes. They also have a planetarium where you can sit back and to learn about constellations, the history of our planet, and our place in the physical universe. It really puts your issues in perspective when you learn that Earth and our galaxy is actually located on the outskirts of of the known universe. A suburb! Can you believe?! It’s recommended you make reservations for the planetarium online as the shows do sell out.


Ice cream at Scoops

Ice Cream At Scoops

Tucked away on the west side, is a little hole in the wall with the coolest ice cream and gelato flavors in Los Angeles. is a humble little spot in a town full of flash, but their frozen sweet treats are definitely extra! No flavors are standard, but on any given day you might find Red Velvet Oreo, Coconut Jasmine or Almond Coffee. Plus the staff is kookie, friendly, fun and always ready to let you sample the zany flavors. Be sure to grab a cone and beat the heat before the heat of summer is over!