Get In The Groove With CYC Fitness

by Core Hydration (@cycfitness)

Get ready for next level sound systems, unique multicolored lighting, high energy vibes, and a low-impact, full body workout through 45 minutes of spinning.

What sets Cyc apart from the pack? The music driven experience. Burning 500 calories is always a plus, but when it’s set to your favorite beats in an environment that feels more like an experience, and less like a workout? Count-us-in.

Get In The Groove With CYC Fitness

“I’m all about music that makes you feel something; powerful lyrics and powerful artists. People like to hear inspiring words when they’re working out. I have a different vibe of music, but I also play Chainsmokers at least once a week, music people know. Lots of EDM.” Cycologist, Steph Dietz gives the run down on her music selections and teaching style.

Hydrate with CORE

As a master cycologist (that’s Cyc’s language for instructor), Steph has been with the brand since it’s inception roughly 5 years ago, with roots in Wisconsin.  You can find Steph leading 12 classes per week through NYC’s studios, along with managing and developing Cyc’s team of instructors.

We asked Steph about the moves in Cyc; one of the first things you’ll notice are the strength exercises throughout the class. “We’re more sports specific at Cyc, more entertaining. People can relate more when they’re doing popular sports moves, like when we play basketball on the bike and take moves from boxing like hooks and jabs. It’s more of a full body experience instead of a small weighted portion in class. We also use sand weights which are safer and tend to be more comfortable, more functional.”

Strength Exercises

A Master Cycologist

Naturally, we have questions when it comes to the CORE muscles! Sure, activating the core is important in spin – always having it engaged is a place to start. Steph’s pro tip? “It can have a lot to do with what you’re wearing. I think sports bras are more beneficial, to remind yourself to engage the core. It’s easier to remember to engage those muscle groups when you’re wearing something more fitted versus a baggy t-shirt. Overall though, be comfortable in what you are wearing.”

CORE Hydration Cyclist

Indoor cycling

With a degree in Kinestegeology, Steph is well versed in the science behind the moves. “Indoor cycling is a low impact exercise so its great for any lower body strains. Lots of doctors and physical therapists recommend Cyc versus running, – you’re putting less pressure on your joints. “

Hydrate with CORE

If you’re looking for an approachable, music-driven, full body experience for all levels – Cyc’s a go. The good news? Rapid expansion in a number of our favorite destinations.


Cyc Fitness Locations:

Madison, WI 

Austin, TX 

NYC – Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen (Upper East Side to open next month !!)

Boston, MA 

Atlanta, GA


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