Getting High Naturally at HigherDOSE

by Core Hydration (@higher.dose)

Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. These are the four main chemicals that produce happiness and make their way into the name higherDOSE, home of NYC’s first infrared sauna. Browse Instagram for a mere three seconds, and you’ll learn that higherDOSE is truly a hot spot that models, celebrities, and fitness enthusiasts alike are coming together to experience, utilizing the technology to take take their bodies to a state of recovery and bliss.

Wilhelmina model, certified nutritionist and fitness expert, Lauren Berlingeri brought higherDOSE to life with business partner Katie Kaps after extreme and intense fitness challenges that put Lauren’s body into an over-worked mode. “I was all about getting high from workouts but not listening to my body. When i found infrared it worked on my body by helping it recover, while I still got the high from a workout. It was perfect.”

After a relaxing 40 minute session getting infrared-ed, we sat down with Lauren to learn more about the natural high we had just experienced.

Getting High Naturally at HigherDOSE

The changing colored lights in the booths had us feeling like we were in a club (in a good way) what are their purpose?

“Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Our bodies need the sun’s light to live, and that light can actually be broken down into a seven color spectrum. An imbalance of any of those colors can manifest itself in physical and mental symptoms. Color therapy works on various energy points to help balance your body via the full spectrum of visible light, each color addressing a distinct need.”

With the holiday season coming to a cool down, we want to learn all about how this can help us DETOX!

“Of course! Infrared is one of the most effective ways to detox. The sauna vibrates your water molecules 7 cm deep and pulls toxins out of your fat cells through sweat. Put simply, you detox 7x more than traditional saunas.”

Infrared Detox — CORE Hydration

Infrared Detox — CORE Hydration

Can infrared improve our fitness routines and make us more effective in our workouts?

“Infrared is great for recovery, increasing mood by increasing DOSE, improving sleep, and giving you a cardio workout all while relaxing. When you invest into your health and well-being through infrared you start to feel great and happier which therefor improves everyday. “

We’ve seen nothing like this in NYC! What do you hope to bring to the wellness scene here?

“Solutions to feeling great and euphoric with no come downs. I love healthy, sustainable ways to feel good and having fun while doing it. It’s one of my favorites ways to connect and hang with my girlfriends or a significant other. We listen to great music, put the LED lights on and get all the benefits of a workout and more. I’m truly addicted.”

Infrared Detox — CORE Hydration

How often should we be coming to higherDOSE to see the best results? 

“You see the results and feel the results instantly after one session. You come out and you feel the cleanest and lightest you’ve ever felt, your skin is glowing, you feel high from the amount of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins you just released and you didn’t even have to work for it.”

*CORE note: We can attest to this. Truly blissful aftermath!
Blissful Aftermath

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You can check out higherDOSE at two locations in NYC. Pssst, more locations coming soon!



21 E. 1st Street

New York, NY — 10003



Satellite location

HD at ABC Home

888 Broadway

Mezzanine Level

New York, NY — 10003


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