Get To Know The Duo Behind Sweats & The City

Meeting your internet besties IRL = one of the best feelings. We were really excited to finally meet Elizabeth and Dale, the duo behind Sweats & The City. As long time fans of the account, we love following the two for practical wellness tips, class recommendations and of course, athleisure fashion inspiration. We had a few Q’s, and they had a few A’s, and we threw back conversation from SoHo to Randall’s Island. Get to know Dale and Elizabeth.

The Duo Behind Sweats & The City

How Sweats & The City came to be…

“We were set up blindly as roommates about 3 years ago, and after joining Class Pass we became super passionate about boutique fitness. We would come home from work every day and discuss the classes we had tried, noting that there was a need for some guidance with so many options (both good and bad) available. We started writing class reviews and sharing them with our friends, and about 1 year later Sweats and The City was born!”

Class favorites? Drumroll please…

“Some of our current favorites are Physique 57, Flybarre, The Sculpt Society (Meagan Roup), Rumble and Tracy Anderson Method.”

Sweats & The City

The wellness scene in NYC is ever-changing…

“It’s constantly evolving. Even since we started about 1 year ago, there are so many new workouts and fitness concepts, and we love that we get to try the latest and share our thoughts. In NYC, we truly live in the center of it all, and it’s so fun to be a part of it!”

As fitness evolves, what remains the go-to for SATC?

Elizabeth: I prefer toning and ab focused work-outs, and nothing too leg heavy. I don’t like squats!

Dale: We’re pretty similar when it comes to methods . I’m really into Barre and Pilates.

The Duo Behind Sweats & The City

On keeping it #perfectlybalanced…

“We both believe in prioritizing fitness as a part of our daily routine, and we think the key is keeping it a top priority – for example, remembering that amazing feeling of finishing a Soul Cycle class when you feel like canceling. We also try to eat a well balanced diet, made up of mostly clean and whole foods, with a touch of “treat yo self”, because we are human!”

Hydration for high performance is key…

We make a very conscious effort to stay hydrated throughout the day so our bodies can perform at their highest level. Before we put anything in our bodies upon waking up, we make sure to drink a glass of water. Keeping our large bottle of Core next to us all day is a constant reminder to drink. We really try to consume 2 litres or more a day, and to switch things up, we’ll often boil water and add some lemon in it!

Get the SATC athleisure look…

“Right now, we’re loving P.E. Nation, Champion, Alo Yoga, APL, Michi, Koral and of course Nike and Adidas will always be staples. We really like shopping at Bandier, they have such a curated selection of our favorite brands!”

Hydrate With Core — Sweats & The City

Who’s more likely to….

Try a new, totally out there work out? Dale 

Run the NYC marathon? Elizabeth

Have a sweet tooth? Both of us! The struggle is real.

Go Vegan? Dale

Go Paleo? Elizabeth

Finish a juice cleanse? Neither of us – we’ve tried together and failed. It’s not our style!


For the latest class offerings, athleisure #ootds and all around wellness tips for the real girl, follow Dale and Elizabeth of Sweats And The City on Instagram.