The 5 Chillest Spots in LA

Let’s be real, we all love being fit and eating health and being hydrated, but those rest days are key! Keeping it #perfectlybalanced means knowing when to go hard and when to go home, and everyone needs a rest a day to recharge, rebuild and just turn off for a hot minute.

With the holidays season in full swing, it’s important to make time to get away from the maddening crowds and, well, your maddening family (amiright?). Sometimes, going into another room and shutting the door isn’t enough to get that stress level down, and if you’ve got a house full of people it may not even be an option. So where do you go? If you’re in LA, then you know that we’re already a pretty chill city (unless it’s a weekday at 5pm), so we’ve got chill spaces on lock. For your next #SelfCareSunday (or any day for that matter) check out our list of the top 5 places to be chill AF in Los Angeles:



The Roosevelt Hotel
Built in 1927, the Roosevelt is the oldest operating hotel in Los Angeles. The hotel has 8 restaurants and lounges, but the chillest of the these is the Spare Room – a cozy space filled with board games and two antique bowling lanes. In addition the David Hockney pool is open to the public from 7am-7pm, and is a fabulous spot to grab some of that everlasting soCal sun with a cocktail or bite.



The Now

It’s simple. The Now wants to change the way you think and experience massage by providing this deeply restorative service in a luxurious and affordable environment. Massages range from $35 to $95, making it a choice spot for anyone to let go and chill the F out. Try out massage experiences like The Healer to balance your energy, or The Glow for expecting mothers, and leave this piece of heaven-on-earth with wings.



Restoration Hardware

Do you ever sometimes wish you could just crawl inside the Restoration Hardware catalog and take a nap? Well, you may not be able to nap there, but the roof of the Restoration Hardware flagship store in West Hollywood is the perfect place to take a breather. Open to the public and totally free, this spot has long comfy couches, shade trees and stunning views! Who knows, you might even be inspired to redecorate.



Hauser & Wirth

With a restaurant, bookstore, gallery and garden, the Hauser & Wirth outpost in the Los Angeles Arts District is a perfect destination to kick it for a bit. Originally founded in Zurich, Hauser & Wirth has built a reputation on its dedication to artists and visionary artistic projects all over the world. Expand your mind, expand your belly and, for a rustic moment in the heart of DTLA, be sure to say hi to the chicken’s in the garden before you leave.



the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

LA isn’t exactly known for it’s parks. Sure there’s Griffith and a few others that have fun things to do, but the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is like visiting a park in the far east. Recognized as an international sacred site by global religious leaders, there are outdoor pathways and benches all over the property which has a small lake (with swans). There are also indoor sanctuaries reserved for meditation. The shrine is open to the public until 4pm and free of charge, however they do request that you respectfully observe certain guidelines during your visit.



The Shape House

Actually, this one is literally the opposite of chill, because the point is to sweat. As many of you know, sweating has tons of benefits like releasing toxins and cooling the body, but it can also improve cardio-vascular strength, improve your skin, and on top of that, a 55-minute sweat at Shape House could potentially help you to destress, sleep better and even lose weight. It’s a self-proclaimed “modern sweat lodge,” where you get to rest and sweat for an hour in order to rejuvenate your body & mind alongside celebs like Selena Gomez and LL Cool J. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate afterward!