Our Top 10 Binge-Worthy TV Series

Our Top 10 Binge-Worthy TV Series

Cooler temps = prime binge-watching time. We’ve rounded up our favorite TV series and documentary selects.

“Are you still watching? ” – Yes, it’s cold outside! Grab a Core and your favorite snack-able treat. Here’s our guide to what you should watch be watching this winter (yes, it’s November and already freezing so….)

Maniac, the show you need to be watching to keep up with the office convos. Plus, We’ll be watching anything with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. Find it on Netflix.

Already watched every episode of Chef’s Table? The new TV series: Salt Fat Acid Heat  is a must see for any foodie, and will totally have you searching your local restaurant scene for an ideal weekend reservation. 🌮🍔🍗🍤 Find it on Netflix.

Sharp Objects This psychological thriller based on Gillian Flynn’s NYT Best-Selling novel is prime binge material. Find it on HBO.

If you’re in the mood for a tear-jerker and all the feels, This is Us is for you. This series will share how complex a family’s life can be and will run you through a number of emotions from one episode to the next. Find it on Hulu.
Amy  is powerful documentary showing the rise of Amy Winehouse’s career and her devastating struggles with addiction, family, relationships, and celebrity life.  Find it on Netflix.

Gaga: Five Foot Two is a must see for all of the A Star Is Born fans. It’s a look into Lady Gaga’s artistic life, showcasing heartache, physical and emotional struggles throughout her rising career. Find it on Netflix.

13th , a documentary by Director Ava DuVernay focusing on the history of the US prison system; the documentary gives us eye-opening insight into the nation’s history of racial inequality. Find it on Netflix.

For the fashion lovers, Iris  is a documentary based on 96-year-old Iris Apfel, a witty longtime interior designer and eclectic fashion icon, with a passion for style and creativity. Find it on Netflix.

MERCURY 13 is a documentary that spotlights a group of unsung female heroes from the space program in the 50s-60s, regardless of being denied the documentary tells the story of the inspiring resilience and ability of those aspiring female astronauts. Find it on Netflix.

Sushi lovers…this one’s for you! Jiro Dreams of Sushi,  a documentary based on the story of 85-year-old Jiro Ono, owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, the 10 seat $300 per plate restaurant in Tokyo, and considered to be one of the best sushi chefs of all time. Find it on Hulu.