by Cameron Cash (@thecameroncash)

Meditation has been proven to reduce visits to the doctor, ease PMS symptoms, raise self esteem and well being, lower blood pressure and a myriad of other stuff that’s like totally good for you. But for some people the struggle is real to sit and be still for 10 seconds, let alone 20 minutes. Sound familiar? If this is you, you might want to try Effortless Meditation – where practitioners work with meditation professionals to guide them (and usually a small group of others) through the experience. And if you’re in New York or Los Angeles, we know just the places for you to get started:


New York City


Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, Inscape boasts a 5000 square foot space dedicated to fully immersive audio experiences for meditation and relaxation.  I’d go just to get that kind of personal space in the city – you know what I mean?!

Single sessions range from $18-$29 and address a range of issues from focus to deep rest. And if you can’t make it in person, you can download their app here.

Woom Center


With it’s feet firmly planted in eastern traditions, Woom Center embraces western philosophies to create “experiences,” some of which incorporate yoga and other types of movement. If you like your higher consciousness to come with some sweat, Woom Center is gonna be your jam.

Experiences range from $25-45, and there’s a cafe so you can literally feed your soul.


On the front page of the the Mndfl website, they claim their studios are meant to look like home, or the spacious home you wish you had in NYC. Real talk. It’s pretty dope in there, and they have an extensive menu of meditation options that could make you feel as though you’re getting a PhD in higher consciousness.

With so many offerings, their pricing has quite a range, but the first class is only $10.


Los Angeles

The Den Meditation

Apparently there’s a hammock situation, which is enough to get anyone to join – and by anyone I mean me. Claiming to have everything you need in a cutting edge meditation space, The Den Meditation offers an expansive schedule of classes ready to address everything your bodymind could possibly dream up, including prenatal/fertility, chakra alignment and sound baths.

The Den Meditation offers a self guided room for those who are ready for some AP meditation. Access to the self guided room is $5, single meditation classes are $23.

Wanderlust Hollywood

If you’re still raving about that yoga class you took at Burning Man last year (if it was one of my classes, you’re welcome), just wait until you get a load of this place. Born out of the fruit of the Wanderlust global yoga festivals, Wanderlust Hollywood is like a spiritual clubhouse. A hub of yoga classes, meditations, lectures and trainings that people come from all over the world to take.

The class offerings feel like the Olympics of meditation, but in this case, everyone leaves with gold. Classes are free for members, or $10 for a drop in.

The Yogi Tree Center for Growth


Located in Toluca Lake, this quirky spot is where you’ll find hip young urbanites Om-ing next to die hard LA hippies who have sat in lotus with the likes of Joni Mitchel and Jim Morrison. Some type of meditation is offered daily from Gong Meditation to Reiki and Crystal Healing. Pricing ranges from a donation to $20.


If all this group talk has you feeling shy, you can also get your meditation on with one these apps:

10% HappierA clear, simple approach to meditation for fidgety people, with world famous meditation teachers.

Headspace: Simple online meditations aimed to get you centered in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Meditation Oasis: A suite of apps that has a little something for everyone, from breathwork to sleeping meditations.


Finally, as a yoga teacher, I’m a huge fan of guided meditation, but I also believe that you don’t have to be still to find your center. If you’re in LA on February 5th, check out my class Electric Yoga; a heart opening yoga practice that will flow into a meditation where the rhythm of your body grounds you in the present moment. Danny Dolan will be spinning house music at this month’s EY which will take also be a sunset practice. You gotta start somewhere, might as well be dancing. I hope you’ll come through and namaslay!


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