Hydrated Inside and Out with Fat & The Moon


Winter isn’t coming, it’s here and because we don’t feel as warm or sweaty, hydration tends to become less of a priority. Huge mistake. The dry winter temperatures zap the moisture out of your skin, and (believe it or not) your body is working double time to expel internal moisture as well.

The thing is, in the winter, a survival mechanism causes our veins to constrict to conserve heat and maintain body temperature. This causes an increase in blood pressure which forces our kidneys to create more urine. More pee = less fluids in the body AKA dehydration.

It’s enough to make you want to move to Miami, but if you can’t do that here are 3 tips to keep things #perfectlybalanced this winter:

Ever enjoyed a room temperature bottle of CORE? Now might be the time to take the bottles out of the refrigerator, or off ice. Cold drinks get absorbed by our bodies faster, but warm or room temperature liquids are better at maintaining body temperature. When you’re active, maintaining optimal body temperature is ideal for cold weather workouts.

Water isn’t the only way to hydrate your body in the winter months. Eating fruit, like apples which are 84% water, is a nutritious way to get hydrated and boost energy. Learn which fruits and veggies have the most water here. Not hungry? CORE Organic is another way to dodge dehydration. Always remember that the body sometimes mistakes thirst for hunger, so be sure you’re giving it what it really needs in the moment.

It never hurts to attack the problem from both sides. During winter, oil on your skin helps it to retain moisture, that’s why Fat & The Moon’s Face Oil is your new BFF! Made with a blend of tamanu, apricot kernel, hemp, jojoba and rosehip seed oils it’s packed with fatty acids and healing properties (tell those acne scars to hit-the-bricks). Fat & The Moon also have a bomb lip salve with rosemary and mango butter to keep your lips kissable all winter long. Check out all of Fat & The Moon’s ethically harvested and organically cultivated alternatives to chemical filled products on their website. They’ve been saving us!

Stay warm, stay hydrated and stay #truetothecore this winter!